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USS Ronald Reagan Families

Welcome USS Ronald Reagan Families!

Family readiness is vital to mission success. Our Family Readiness Group, Ombudsman, Family Association and MWR strive to accommodate any needs you and your Navy family may require.

USS Ronald Reagan Family Readiness Group

The Ronald Reagan Family Readiness Group provides family members of RR Sailors with information and emotional support. The group organizes social events, informative meetings, and other fun activities designed to build bonds of camaraderie and friendship while fostering an understanding of the Navy and the requirements it places on its Sailors and families. The group also helps improve and increase the flow of communication between the command and its families. For more information email the group at, or check out their website.

USS Ronald Reagan Ombudsman

Navy Family Ombudsmen are communication links, information and referral resources, and advocates for command family members, spouses, parents, and extended family members. Ombudsman are appointed by the Commanding Officer and are volunteers and spouses of service members within the command. For more infomrmation email, or check out their website.

Want to be an Ombudsman?

- Contact Us
- Job Description
- Printable Job Application

USS Ronald Reagan MWR

Navy MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation), provides families and Sailors opportunities for quality Entertainment, Outdoor Recreation, Movies, Bowling, Golfing, and much more. MWR also Offers ticket reimbursement for many different concerts, movies, and events.

Please visit the MWR website for a full list of services here.

Families Coming to Yokosuka, Japan

For those Reagan families transitioning to Japan, some useful content is available on the Living In Japan page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a website that supports the base and it's amenities?
A: This website provides all facilities available to you a Commander Fleet Activity Yokosuka.

Q: What are the contact and requirements for bringing a pet?
A: Please review the following website.

Q: When arriving in Yokota Air Force Base, how do I get to Yokosuka Base?
A: Yokota Air Force Base- Once you have landed and cleared customs, Please pick up your bags and check in with the Yokosuka Greeter. Customer service will check you in and take you to the shuttle bus to Yokosuka. The bus ride from Yokota is about 3-3.5 hours.

Both buses will take you to Yokosuka Naval Base and there will be 2 bus stops once you enter the base. The first bus stop is the base PSD if you are a single Sailor or married but NOT traveling with dependence, please get off here. Reagan Ranch Staff will welcome you and assist you with your check in and lodging. If you are traveling with family, please stay on the bus, the next stop will be the Navy Lodge. Once you completed your check in at the Navy Lodge, please call the Reagan Ranch from you hotel phone @ 243-9900 or the Duty Cell @ 080-2074-1837 for further instruction on how to check in.

More Information

- History of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
- CO's Welcome Aboard Letter
- CMC's Welcome Aboard Letter
- Welcome Aboard Booklet
- Welcome to Yokosuka Resource Guide
- What To Bring