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New Arrivals USS Ronald Reagan Infographic (Ship's Information)

Welcome Aboard!

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan

Need a Sponsor? Read here first!

Welcome to the USS Ronald Reagan combat team! In order to touch base with your Command Sponsor Coordinator, please email the following information via the "Request a Sponsor" link below.

Note: before you e-mail the ships Sponsor Coordinator, you must already have your orders for your gaining command, and have the following information available.

  • Your Name.
  • E-mail address.
  • Phone number.
  • Rate/Rank.
  • Prospective department.
  • Detach and Report Dates.

Please annotate your travel plans to meet the ship. Our Command Sponsor Coordinator will then link you with the appropriate departmental sponsor so that you can begin familiarizing yourself with your new departmental team.USS Ronald Reagan Infographic (Ship's Information)

  • Command Sponsor Coordinator: E-Mail

More Information

Yokosuka Housing and Lodging

Housing hours and location:

  • Main Housing Sevices Center (BLDG. 1441)
    • M-F 0800-1630
    • First Wednesday of the month 1100-1630

  • Facilities Management Office (BLDG. 4401)
    • M-F 0800-1630
    • First Wednesday of the Month 1100-1630

  • Ikego & Negishi Site Office
    • M-F 0800-1630
    • First Wednesday of the Month 1300-1630

    Housing Services Center
    • Mailing address:
    • Commander, Fleet Activities, Yokosuka PSC 473 Box 0215 FPO AP 96349-0215

Fleet and Family Readiness

Yokosuka, Japan, DoD Schools:

  • Website
  • Office Hours: 0800-1630
  • Phone & Fax:
    • DSN: 225-3940
    • Dialing from off base: 0425-52-2511-53940
    • Dialing from the U.S.: +81-3117-55-3940
    • DSN Fax: 225-3952
    • Commercial Fax: 0425-30-1402
    • Commercial Fax from US: +81-425-30-1402
  • Mailing Address:
    • DoDDS District Superintendant Japan Unit 5072 APO AP 96328-5072
    • Website

Tour and Travel:

Reagan Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a website that supports the base and itís amenities?

A: This website provides all facilities available to you a Commander Fleet Activity Yokosuka:

Q: What are the contact and requirements for bringing a pet?

A: Please review the following website:,P4_CONTENT_TITLE,P4_CONTENT_EKMT_ID,P4_CONTENT_DIRECTORY:2635,Shipping Pets,,39

Q: When arriving in Yokota Air Force Base, how do I get to Yokosuka Base.

A: Yokota Air Force Base- Once you have landed and cleared customs, Please pick up your bags and check in with the Yokosuka Greeter. Customer service will check you in and take you to the shuttle bus to Yokosuka. The bus ride from Yokota is about 3-3.5 hours.

Both buses will take you to Yokosuka Naval Base and there will be 2 bus stops once you enter the base. The first bus stop is the base PSD if you are a single sailor or married but NOT traveling with dependence, please get off here. Reagan Ranch Staff will welcome you and assist you with your check in and lodging. If you are traveling with family, please stay on the bus, the next stop will be the Navy Lodge. Once you completed your check in at the Navy Lodge, please call the Reagan Ranch from you hotel phone @ 243-9900 or the Duty Cell @ 080-2074-1837 for further instruction on how to check in.

Q: How do I get a Sponsor?

A: First email the following information to

  • Your Name:
  • E-mail address
  • Phone Number
  • Rate/Rank
  • Prospective department
  • Detach and Report Dates

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