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This ship, her air wing, and her crew make up the most effective and versatile fighting vessel in the world. Our versatility allows us to directly support all of the Navy’s core missions; in most cases we serve as the centerpiece for these missions. In conducting these missions, our priorities will be:

  • Defend the ship - Without an effective fighting ship, nothing else is possible. All other priorities must be subordinate to protecting the ship and keeping her operational.
  • Support the staff - The power of a strike group comes from coordinating all of our assets effectively.
  • Support the Air Wing - The air wing is at the tip of the spear of a long sequence of events that puts weapons on targets.


We get superior results by excelling at the basics. We are committed to truth and fairness. We have the integrity to stick to our standards, even if it takes longer. Each Sailor is valued and understands his/her role to support the team. Sailors are empowered to speak up to make the command better.


In addition to our core values, we will:

  • Communicate - Constantly work up and down the chain of command to build unity of purpose and minimize confusion. Good communication takes constant effort.
  • Be professional - Arrogance and bravado are for amateurs. Have the confidence of those who are experts in their craft, and who are always striving to be better.
  • Be persistent - Overcome obstacles to get things done correctly and safely.
  • Build technical competence - Know your job first and foremost before any collateral or other duties.
  • Be innovative - Push your limits, but always with a clear understanding of the risks these limits entail.
  • Insist on sound fundamentals - On this ship we will operate and maintain the ship the right way – by the book – all the time!
  • Be personally responsible – You are accountable for your actions. Take pride in your achievements, acknowledge and accept your mistakes. It’s ok to enjoy your job, standing around joking is not ok. Know the difference.
  • Work as a Team – Gain strength from our diversity. Value everyone’s contribution to the team. Look out for yourself, and your shipmate both at sea and ashore. Cooperate with and respect your juniors just as much as your seniors. Focus on safe, effective mission accomplishment. We represent our namesake, whose integrity, optimism, and indomitable spirit brought an end to the cold war and brought a brightened vision of the future. We will remain faithful to his proud legacy while embracing the challenges of the future.


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