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To prevail in all operations—from peace to war—as the cornerstone of Carrier Strike Group FIVE’s capability to sustain presence, project power, and to fight and win decisively from the sea.


We will achieve mission readiness and victory in combat by excelling in the basics. We will maintain the highest standards of professionalism, operational and technical competence, and material readiness. We will show the fortitude and integrity to do what is right and what is necessary, even when it is difficult.


Professionalism: Know your job, know yourself, know your equipment, and be ready. “Qualified” is a pre-requisite; “competent” is a requirement. At our pace of operations we need to be solid and grounded in the basics. Know the baseline reference, do not operate off of “tribal knowledge,” have a plan--whether doing maintenance, standing the watch, or going on liberty. Our shipmates, our mission, our ability to win the fight all rely on the focused contribution and individual excellence of each and every one of us.

Integrity: Do what you know is right. Integrity requires fortitude and toughness—it is key to our success. We have to be our own worst critic in maintaining our high standards. Our operational environment is unforgiving and is intolerant of shortcuts, lapses in procedural compliance or self-discipline, or failures to admit mistakes or uncertainty. Understand your responsibilities; show ownership for your actions, your job, and the ship; take pride in your accomplishments; be willing to learn and admit when you need clarification.

Operate as a crew: With Carrier Air Wing FIVE, we form the most effective and agile fighting force in the world. Our capability is built on the individual excellence that each of us brings, but our overall success only comes from our ability to operate as a crew and ship-air wing team. We will innovate, improve, and find new efficiencies by pulling together our diverse experiences and different perspectives, and valuing the input and contributions of our shipmates. Communicate, be positive, constructive, supportive, and look-out for one-another at sea and ashore.

USS RONALD REAGAN is America’s flagship: a visible symbol of America’s commitment to our allies and of our nation’s resolve to maintain international security and stability. We will be ready when needed, where needed to fight and win!


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